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don juan in soho.

don juan in soho.

'Don Juan in Soho'
Wyndham's Theatre, 3rd June 2017
dir. Patrick Marber
Patrick Marber

Patrick Marber's 'Don Juan in Soho' was first performed in 2007. A decade on, and David Tennant has taken over the reigns as the delightfully dirty 'DJ', and a marginally refreshed script has helped Marber's play maintain an incredible sense of contemporaneity. It closes with a blistering tearing down of modern society: DJ's rant on Theresa May and Donald Trump was particularly well received, earning well deserved and lengthy rounds of applause from the packed house. 

David Tennant's performance is seductive and completely unflagging: the pace is high, the jokes smutty. But there is pathos to Tennant's Don Juan, too: the audience is treated to a glimpse that, perhaps, Don Juan could be something of a lost soul. Just a glimpse, mind you. Tennant's Don Juan is dangerous, unpredictable, ferocious and, of course, very, very funny.

It is undeniable that the majority of the audience at my performance was made up of David Tennant fans: the theatre rippled with discussions of Doctor Who before the curtain rose, and again long after it fell. However it was Adrian Scarborough's turn as put-upon, curmudgeonly Stan which really shone as the stand out performance, and he quite rightly received the largest cheers of the night.

And boy oh boy can they both sing.

Don Juan is as well known a tale as they come, and Marber's interpretation is after Moliere's retelling of the story. The plot follows closely the same one told by Moliere in the 1680s, but feels fresh: DJ and Stan stalk the streets of Soho with recognisable places, including the Charles II statue in Soho Square, at the heart of the action. It is deftly written and skilfully performed; a combination which brings the house down with laughter and applause.

The supporting cast are also impressive, and particularly of note is the performance by Dominique Moore as Lottie whose performance is self-assured and very, very funny. Gawn Grainger sparkles as DJ's father, Louis, and it is in his scenes that we see the faint glimpse of humanity in DJ himself.

Don Juan in Soho is playing at Wyndham's Theatre until 10th June. Tickets can be bought here.