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there will be lies.

there will be lies.

'There Will Be Lies'
Nick Lake

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As a teacher, I read plenty of young adult fiction. It is good: it often has a pace to it missing in some adult fiction. I wasn't sure what to expect from 'There Will Be Lies.' I always tell my students never to judge a book by it's cover, but I did. I was expecting a gritty book, possibly aimed at boys, dealing with 'real life' issues. I was imagining, perhaps, something akin to Kevin Brooks' writing, and received something completely, and pleasingly, different.

'There Will Be Lies' is the story of a young, Deaf, girl, with all of the trappings of teenagehood. She's different, though: she is plagued by a reoccurring nightmare in which there is a child screaming for help in a doctor's surgery but whom she is unable to reach. Her mum is overprotective - unusually so, despite the story being told by a teenage girl who would undoubtedly think her mother overprotective anyway.

The novel doesn't just follow this line, though: a strong thread of fantasy threads it's way intriguingly through the plot, and the fantasy and real worlds collide throughout the narrative.

It is is, perhaps, a little slow to start. However one the novel reaches the end of it's first act the pace picks up and there is a levelling off of unanswered questions which makes the remainder of the novel easier to navigate.

It is well written, and it is wonderfully refreshing to have a protagonist with a disability in a novel not especially about said disability.  It is also interesting how Lake presents her Deafness without acknowledging it for a long spell of the novel: there are gaps in dialogue where characters turn away from her (thereby giving her an inability to lipread), and the lack of speech marks helps denote the idea that she experiences speech in a different way. I would be delighted to see this novel as the next YA book to make the move to the screen.

A refreshing, gripping and interesting novel, and one which I would absolutely recommend.

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pink mist.